A fully customized application for professional mobile scanning and capture of prescription needs, whatever your clinic approach. Fast, simple, stable.

Capture 3D data via FaceID and Structure Sensor for iPhone and iPad and integrate directly to the TaikaCreate design engine.  Supported by a unique clinical interface to enter order details and prescription variables.

Your bespoke web order form is available to support accurate and detailed prescription writing and data acquisition for your clients, improving user experience and reducing the risk of error. Manage orders via interactive order forms, multiple product options and collaboration tools. 

Fast, Simple, Stable

iOS application for iPhone and iPad scanning

Color scan

Open file formats

Device calibration tool

Custom order form and hosted platform

Quick, efficient order creation for complex prescriptions

Utilize product templates and user-defined favorites

Secure connection to TaikaCreate

Add images and other files

Save and complete partial orders

Collaborate with other users

View current orders and order history

User management across multiple groups and sites

Unlimited licences, seats, concurrent users and user locations


Design generation

Automatically create 3D models rapidly and consistently with design automation of 60-100 pairs per designer per hour. 

Grow with Taika3D

Scale design productivity now

Discover the benefits of using our bespoke software solution for rapid, consistent and print-ready output.