TaikaCapture Scanning Applications

TaikaCapture Scanning Applications

TaikaCapture provides a variety of scanning options that can be integrated into the scanning workflow and customized web order forms. 

Structure Sensor

Taika3D is a preferred app developer for Structure Sensor applications in the O&P sector. This iOS app solution interfaces with the widely used Structure Sensor (MK1, MK2, MK2-Pro, and MK3) hardware.

FaceID Scanning built on Structure Lite SDK

For those using iPhones and iPads, we offer an integrated scan application using FaceID (TrueDepth) technology. 

This solution includes advanced tracking and the Scan Quality Indicator (SQI). SQI indicators assist the scan app user in tracking the progress of the data acquisition.  These features improve the user experience while enhancing the quality of data for device design and reducing issues with rejected scans.

Integration with other scanning systems

The TaikaCreate design platform continues to support integration with other scan applications either directly via API connections or through drag-and-drop and batch uploads.

Please get in touch to discuss the best scanning solution for your operation.

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