Our software delivers automated complex designs at scale, at a rate of 60 – 100 pairs per designer per hour and is optimized for your production method of choice. Our bespoke cloud software, customized scanning apps and web order options are used worldwide to design thousands of custom orthotics every day.  Discover how our end-to-end digital solution driven by the power of AI, 3D machine vision and design automation can be fully integrated with your existing workflow to boost design productivity without compromise.

Work smarter and at scale

Input 3D scan data with individual prescription information from a combination of more than 100 features and clinical modifications and watch our design engine deliver hands-off design automation of anywhere between 60-100 pairs of insoles per designer per hour. The software creates production-ready files either as a CNC file or as a 3D print, built from the customer’s rules and existing templates. With unlimited client and user licenses and no limit to installations, Taika3D offers unlimited capacity for scaling your business.


Digital capture of shape and prescription needs

A fully customized application for professional scanning, whatever your clinical approach. Fast, simple, stable.


Design generation

Automatically create 3D models rapidly and consistently with design automation of 60-100 pairs per designer per hour. 

Grow with Taika3D

Scale design productivity now

Discover the benefits of using our bespoke software solution for rapid, consistent and print-ready output.

Taika3D End-to-End Digital Process

Mobile Scanning

Design Generator


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