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We are committed to enabling O&P manufacturers unlock their potential to deliver exceptional product designs and ideas. We help you grow your business without compromise on design, quality or fit.

Delivering the Exceptional

Trusted by leading manufacturers around the world to design thousands of custom orthotics every day

Create custom-made products that are well-fitted, consistent, accurate, and reflect your business’s unique design identity

Reduce cost, eliminate wasted effort, and cut lead times

Our dedicated team of O&P software developers are specialized in complex custom orthotic design automation, and are ready to provide you with a bespoke solution now.

Get in touch with us to see how you can boost productivity and consistently deliver high-quality products to your customers, while providing unlimited design choices for today’s orthotic device user. 


Digital capture of shape and prescription needs

A fully customized application for professional scanning, whatever your clinical approach. Fast, simple, stable.


Design generation

Automatically create 3D models rapidly and consistently with design automation of 60-100 pairs per designer per hour.