Custom Insole 3D Printing System

Array is a high-volume 3D printing system that uses robotics to enable the cost-effective production of custom insoles and orthoses.

The system pairs seamlessly with Taika3D’s software solution and can print up to 500 FO pairs of orthotic per month, per unit.

Together, Taika3D and Mosaic have created a powerful plug-n-play solution for producing custom orthotics on site, at scale.

Custom Insole 3D Printing

A Seamless Combination

Array takes the cost, mess, and waste out of custom foot orthotic production. Array directly prints functional and accommodative foot orthotics, producing over 500 pairs a month with limited operator intervention. The patented automation technology has revolutionized 3D printing production, making it truly accessible to O&P labs for the first time. 

Array is compatible with a wide selection of O&P materials; Polypropylene & polycarbonate are popular choices for functional FOs, and Mosaic Aero offers a cushion-like feel – similar to an EVA foam – making it great for accommodative FOs. 

Features & Benefits


Quality parts with no post processing requirements


Go straight to top cover and patient fitting


Clean end use finish with no powder or milling mess


AI powered integrated failure detection system


Remote print management


72+ hours of continuous unattended operation


A versatile, scalable production system


Print a mix of functional and accommodative FO’s on the same Array


Easily add more Array units to scale capacity without needing more labor

Features & Benefits


Automatic Scan cleaning, landmarking and alignment


Automatic FFF optimizations in 3D printed outputs

– Aligned for FFF print beds
– Self generated supports
– Nested build volumes


Automatic product generation from a prescription order form at 1 minute per pair


High volume design automation for a high volume system


Reduced material cost per part, and less design time per part

Enhance productivity with Taika3D and Mosaic Array

Scale faster production of unique and consistent O&P products with Taika3D and Array. Request more information today.