Design Generator

Taika3D design software uses 3D scan data to simultaneously create 60-100 pairs of custom orthotics per designer per hour using your unique ruleset, branding and philosophy. 

Combined with a fast validation process and adjustment tools, TaikaCreate delivers an integrative and quality solution for your business process, increasing design capability to 60-100 pairs of insoles per designer per hour and generating a 3D print or toolpath file optimized for your production method of choice.   

Fast and Consistent

TaikaCreate uses 3D scan data and user parameters with your own design knowhow to automatically create complex geometry fast and consistently. With no compromise on quality, the ruleset is unique to your business and used to create products which fit your philosophy and branding.

Whether from TaikaCapture or your own scanning system, input 3D scan data with individual product parameters and TaikaCreate will output a 3D print or toolpath file optimized for your production method of choice.

Combined with a fast validation process to align with industry regulations, and an adjustment tool for fine tweaks should the need arise, TaikaCreate delivers an integrative and quality solution for your business process, increasing design capability to 60-100 pairs of insoles per designer per hour. 

Design automation of 60-100 pairs per designer per hour

Automated scan cleaning and design generation

Shape and correct as per the clinician’s direction

Customization of features and model correction based on client specific rule sets

Secure platform for order management and user management (e.g. hold, release, sort,search, filter)

Custom Workflows optimized for multiple orders

Compatible with TaikaCapture and other sources / Variety of upload methods and formats / Variety of exports / Archiving and file storage

Select from over 100 features and clinical modifications


Secure, Efficient, Versatile

TaikaCreate is built on strong foundations that deliver a secure, efficient and versatile end-to-end digital workflow. TaikaCreate uses a unique workflow to coordinate design automation, data management, communication and collaboration between multiple users from prescription to supply. 

Hosted on AWS Cloud

Access from any location via web browser

Unlimited client and user licenses

No limit to installations

Unlimited capacity for scaling your

Maintenance and upgrades included

Order Management

Dashboard for batch processing

Visualize, validate and modify designs

Collaborate and assign tasks within
the team

Search and filter orders, and track
order status throughout the process

Store and archive order data

Include special design rules by
product type, doctor, or clinic

Integrate with your enterprise clients
to hold, approve and monitor
progress of orders

User Management

Tools for collaborative working

Multiple user types to manage client
and administrative access

Group users into teams, locations
and clinics

Users and user types can be
managed online by administrators
and/or managers


Data encryption at rest and in

AWS backup and built in redundancy

HIPAA and GDPR Compliance

User authentication and activity

Milling Manager

Templates and Outputs

Taika3D’s Milling Manager generates NC codes for milled devices and manages milling templates and machine driven outputs for milling job creation.

Creates surface STL for custom positive moulds, surface STL for custom direct-milled orthoses, and NC milling files

Generates NC code for 3-axis milling / routing of generated designs

Integrated workflow with design process

User defined milling parameters (tools, templates, offsets, speeds, path generation etc)

Compatible with the majority of milling systems used in O&P


Compatible and Customized

Integrate TaikaCreate into your manufacturing and order processing system with ease and access a wide range of outputs fully compatible and customized to your systems.

Allow our technology team to build special customer specific API interfaces which are both modern, compliant and secure for bilateral communication with our platform.


Export your generated designs as print-ready files or NC code for milling

Batch work together or save individual files

Save output locally, to your network or in shared cloud folders

Export structured text files for updates and integration

API Connections

Interface with your external software packages including Order Management, CRM, MRP, Accounting and Web Ordering

Integrate with your custom software and mobile devices including 3D scanners, 2D cameras or QR code readers

RESTful API protocols supported

Experts available to advise and support your team in implementing your specific interface

Share status updates to track progress through the ordering and manufacturing process

Custom Documents

Automatically create printable documents for manufacturing instructions, lab reports, clinical notes, despatch notes, milling layout and many other applications

Share with TaikaCapture users and your customer platforms

Support your customer in compliance documentation

Include scan images, dimensions and detailed QC reports


Digital capture of shape and prescription needs

A fully customized application for professional scanning, whatever your clinical approach. Fast, simple, stable.

Grow with Taika3D

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