WEBINAR: 3D Printing Workflow for Orthotics


Are you interested in discovering more about how Taika3D is optimized for 3D printing at scale? 

In March we teamed up with Taika3D Partner, Mosaic, to share insights on how O&P manufacturers could maximize throughput potential whilst minimizing cost per printed part with our end-to-end workflow for orthotics production.

The webinar was attended by delegates who were provided with insightful product overviews of Mosaic’s Array and Element Printers, as well as Taika3D’s orthotics design software.

You can watch the webinar on-demand and in full below:

Interested in learning more about our recently announced partnership with Mosaic? Explore our blog post here

Taika3D platform seamlessly integrates with your chosen output method, whether it’s 3D printing or CNC machining.  Our solution provides print-ready files tailored to meet your specifications and preferences.

Learn more about Taika3D here.

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