Taika3D welcomes collaboration with Mosaic to offer continuous 3D printing and automated orthotic design


We are excited to announce our collaboration with Mosaic, a cutting-edge provider of 3D printing solutions, aimed at elevating the design and manufacture of exceptional orthoses, cost-effectively and at scale. This collaboration optimizes our design automation software for Mosaic’s flagship product, Array; and highlights our dedication to forming strategic alliances with top technology firms to address the evolving needs of the orthotic industry.

The teams at Taika3D and Mosaic worked together to deliver a solution with automatic fused filament fabrication (FFF) optimizations in 3D printed outputs.  The TaikaCreate solution can be fine-tuned for FFF print beds, self-generating supports and nested build volumes. By leveraging Taika3D’s automatic design software, complex custom foot orthosis models can be rapidly designed and validated. These models are then exported to the Mosaic system for printing.

Array is a high-volume 3D printing system that uses robotics to enable the cost-effective production of custom insoles and orthoses.  The system pairs seamlessly with Taika3D’s software solution and can print up to 500 FO pairs of orthotics per month, per unit.

Download the brochure here.

Mitch Debora, CEO of Mosaic, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Taika3D in delivering precision and cost-efficiency to high-volume customers. By combining our advanced additive manufacturing capabilities with Taika3D’s design automation software, we are setting new benchmarks for quality, customization, and affordability in the industry.”

Steve Cook, Co-founder and CEO of Taika3D, shared his perspective: “We believe that the future of orthotic design and manufacture hinges on collaborative partnerships and innovative technologies. Our optimization with the Mosaic Array signifies our support to customers manufacturing FFF at high volume, and we are excited to explore this market with Mosaic. Furthermore, we remain open to exploring collaborations with printing companies and those employing alternative methods for manufacturing, as we strive to continually expand the horizons of personalized healthcare solutions.”

Together, Taika3D and Mosaic have created a powerful plug-and-play solution for producing custom orthotics on-site, at scale.

For more information about the collaboration between Taika3D and Mosaic, click here.

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