TaikaCapture: It all starts here


The first part of the Taika 3D pipeline is TaikaCapture.

TaikaCapture allows clinicians to submit patients’ prescriptions and scan data to O&P manufacturers. It is the first step in automating the creation of custom-made orthotic and prosthetic devices.

Below are some of the features that make TaikaCapture stand out:

  • The data will be in open format which can automatically be processed by TaikaCreate or integrated with your other manufacturing processes.
  • Combining a Structure Sensor with our iOS app makes Taika Capture easy to operate, or why not opt for simple mobile scanning with FaceID
  • Taika3D software can be integrated with your order management process, and when combined with TaikaCreate, automatically generates the fully finished design ready for technical review.
  • The software also allows shared order processing. This enables different people within your organization to securely share data and collaborate on creating prescriptions.
  • The digital order form is fully customized with the unique order form logic appropriate for your product range. The UI reflects your brand and the technical experience of how to create complete and accurate prescription requirements.

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