Taika3D on tour: Visiting customers in the USA


As part of our commitment to ongoing customer support, Taika3D Co-Founder & Head of Development Petja Karki and Senior Platform Developer Toni Rasenen, embarked upon an extensive trip across the United States to visit customers, answer technical questions, and ensure all-round satisfaction with Taika3D software and bespoke implementations.

During the road trip spanning 2573 KM from the Mid-West USA, and then right up to New York, Petja & Toni were delighted to give full focus to each client visit, spending up to 2 days with the respective teams involved and seeing first-hand the impact Taika3D software is making. The trip took in visits to Taika users across Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. Petja & Toni took every opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture, enjoying the culinary delights and sights.

However, most rewarding of all was the quality time spent with customers, diving deep into implementations and devoting time to understanding and refining their systems, equipping them with a superior digital workflow to boost design productivity and scale their operations.

Petja remarked about the visit: “It was incredibly valuable to spend quality time with our customers and understand their priorities. Customer feedback is essential for how we shape our future solutions and it was great to see in person the impact our system is having on productivity.” 

Taika3D CEO, Steve, expressed his satisfaction with the US visit, stating: “We believe that by strengthening connections with our customers and fostering a deeper understanding of their needs, we can refine our solution and exceed expectations. We very much look forward to our continued collaborations and shared accomplishments in the future.”

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