Integrating CAD with traditional workflows: the why and how


In the fast-paced world of foot orthotic production, central fab settings face unique challenges when it comes to CAD software bottlenecks. With ambitious high-volume targets, short cycle times become critical. However, relying on manual CAD software for designing insoles all day can lead to several issues, including high employee turnover, inconsistent practices among users, and production line limitations tied to the pace of digital designers. To unlock the full potential of their qualified employees and increase throughput, central fab companies can turn to automation in CAD software.

Automation in CAD software offers a game-changing solution for foot orthotic manufacturers. By automating repetitive design tasks and streamlining the production workflow, companies can significantly increase their throughput. This allows their skilled employees to shift their focus from repetitive tasks to more meaningful and impactful responsibilities within the company. Automation eliminates the need for certified practitioners to spend hours on end designing insoles, reducing the strain that leads to high turnover and inconsistent practices. Instead, employees can engage in value-added activities that drive innovation, enhance quality, and improve customer satisfaction.

By embracing automation in CAD software, companies can pay themselves back in time saved. The efficiency gained through automation enables central fab settings to meet high volume targets without compromising quality or employee well-being. Harnessing the power of automation streamlines the entire production process, optimizing resource allocation, and unlocking greater scalability. As a result, foot orthotic manufacturers can maximize their production capacity, reduce costs, and achieve faster turnaround times.

Schedule a call with our design experts today to discover the right automation solution for your central fab setting. Let us guide you in revolutionizing your CAD software workflow, freeing up your talented employees from repetitive design tasks, and empowering them to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth and innovation. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and hello to increased throughput, efficiency, and success in foot orthotic production. Pay yourself back in time saved and unlock your company’s true potential.

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