Highlights from OTWorld 2024


It was a pleasure to catch up with so many of our customers and friends at OTWorld 2024 in Leipzig earlier this month. 

Without a doubt, the event showcased an impressive array of innovative orthotics, prosthetics, and manufacturing solutions, and highlighted how the O&P sector is pushing boundaries with new solutions to enhance productivity, accessibility, and patient care.

The Taika3D team was excited to be a part of such a vibrant and innovative event, where our own revolutionary solution was demonstrated alongside the industry’s most forward-thinking ideas and technologies. 

Event Highlights – Automated Workflow in Action!

Scanning & Customized Web Order Form Solutions

The team enjoyed demonstrating TaikaCapture scanning options that can be integrated into the scanning workflow and your bespoke web order forms, as well as highlighting how seamlessly our solution can interface with existing processes.

It was great to meet up with the Structure team too, providers of the popular Structure Sensor range of portable scanners and the Structure Lite SDK, on which we build our premium FaceID scanning solutions.

TaikaCreate Design Automation

Visitors to the stand were thrilled to witness how effortlessly TaikaCreate applies custom rules to scans, eliminating any need to worry about consistency, volume, or paperwork. With TaikaCreate’s cutting-edge AI and machine vision capabilities, captured scans are automatically cleaned, aligned, and corrected before producing optimized 3D print or toolpath files tailored for the production method of choice – a truly impressive and game-changing process! 

Steve Cook, CEO and Co-Founder of Taika3D, stated: “We had a great experience at OTWorld 2024. It was exciting to demonstrate to so many industry leaders how our solution can scan and automate complex geometry so quickly.  It was particularly fun to share these design files with some of the hardware providers at the show and see the physical result produced. This event provided a fantastic platform for us to highlight our innovative technology and how it impacts the industry.”

To find out more about Taika3D software for custom orthotics design, please visit https://taika3d.com/software/.

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