It's not magic

Automatic 3D design made simple!

The Taika3D solution expedites and automates the whole process from 3D scanning to 3D printing. The core of the innovation is in automating the 3D modelling according to client rules, with consistent high quality output.


Taika3D enables 3D models creating directly from customers data, testing design variations to provide 100% quality results of the 3D printed items. Process is standardized and simple, and manual work has been cut to absolute minimum. Most importantly, Taika3D enables massive scalability for the customers as the modeling efforts will be reduced from multiple hours merely to minutes per model.

Additionally, 3D modelling can make the O&P devices more durable, lighter and more acceptable to users (improving compliance). This offers economic advantages for funding bodies and improved income opportunities throughout the supply chain.


Automated designs for complex custom products enable our customers to scale up their business

Low cost scanners can provide the input data

Supplier can offer differentiated products to be sold at the Clinic

Open architecture and integration possibilities

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